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The book is our street lamp. The book is the ladder of our progress. "Reading a good book is like making a good friend." The book is indispensable in our life. It is our mentor and friend, but also us. The most loyal friend! I love reading. Because the book almost occupied half of the space in my room, the bookshelf, the table, and the books filled with my beloved books everywhere, every night, the book always accompanied me to sleep, swimming in the ocean of the book, let me feel happy. I still remember that it was a summer. The outside of the window knew that I was constantly calling. I was so angry that I couldn��t sleep. I sat up in a distracted manner and picked up a copy of The Dream of Red Mansions. At first, I was a woman of Jia Baoyu. I was not interested in Lin Yuyu��s crying and crying. Later, I was attracted by the characters in the book. I described the characters to the fullest. It��s really ��full of papers and ridiculous words, a bitter tear.�� Just when I saw it with gusto, my mother suddenly came in. I grabbed my book and said sternly: "So late, I still don't sleep! You don't study tomorrow!" I had to lie down and sleep, and after my mother left, I continued to look for books, but I was looking for it Cheap Cigarettes. Without his translation, I held the infinite suspense of the following, lying and turning over, thinking about the book with one heart. Suddenly I heard a lot of anti-sounding sounds. My mother put the book on the coffee table and went to the room Cigarettes Online. I was busy snickering and crept to get the book. I am happy to go back to the room and look at the book. I can learn to be smart this time. Turn off the light and flash the flashlight in the quilt. The more I look at it, the more I can taste it. I don��t want to put down the book. What can I do? It��s going to be 12 o'clock, how can you get up tomorrow! I had no choice but to put the book back in place and fell asleep in bed. This night, I had a dream, dreaming that I passed through to ancient times, and I met Jia Mu, Lu Zhishen and Zhuge Liang! Let's talk about the ancient theory today Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but the most unpleasant alarm clock sounded. I reviewed the dream just now, and after I finished washing, I went to school happily. The book is the most indispensable part of our life. The book is like a small boat, taking us to the sea of ??knowledge<br/>Related articles:<br/> Newport Cigarettes
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