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COSTA MESA Youth Derek Watt Jerseys , Calif. (AP) — to Carson Wentz and Taysom Hill since being drafted by the Los Angeles Chargers in the fifth round two weeks ago. There’s nothing wrong with comparisons, but the first task for the fifth-round pick is learning the playbook.He’s also taking a key piece of advice that Wentz gave him to heart, which is to continue doing what got him drafted. That process started over the weekend when the Chargers held their rookie minicamp.“You can’t come out and try to reinvent yourself or be somebody that you’re not. People see through that stuff and it won’t allow you to be successful,” Stick said.Stick succeeded Wentz at North Dakota State after Wentz was the second overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016. All Stick did was become the winningest quarterback in FCS history (49-3) while leading the Bison to three national championships.Wentz has continued to mentor Stick throughout his career as the two continue to be in regular contact with each other.Stick displayed plenty of athleticism at North Dakota State.He passed for 8,693 yards and 88 touchdowns butt also rushed for 2 Nasir Adderley Los Angeles Chargers Jerseys ,523 yards and 41 TDs. Offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt said the Bison’s offense was more conventional compared to other colleges and that his presence in the pocket along with throwing on the run stood out. Whisenhunt and coach Anthony Lynn also noted that Stick lined up under center more compared to other college quarterbacks, which should also put him slightly ahead.What also stood out was Stick’s ability to retain information. Whisenhunt said they quizzed Stick on three plays they sent him and that the level of recall was above average compared to other college players.“It’s still on the board in there (the quarterback room),” Whisenhunt said. “For a college football player having to learn something that’s a little bit different than what he’s done, put the time in and come back without any notice and be able to put it back up on the board was really impressive.”It is the fourth time since 2006 that the Chargers have drafted a quarterback with the hope that he would develop into a solid backup to Philip Rivers. The only time though that has been the case was in 2006, when they selected Charlie Whitehurst in the third round. Whitehurst spent six seasons with the Chargers in two stints (2006-09 and 2012-13).The plans for this season though are that Stick will vie with Cardale Jones for the third quarterback spot after the Chargers signed Tyrod Taylor to be Rivers’ backup. Stick said that Rivers has texted him but that the two have not met yet.There is the possibility that Stick could see the field if the Chargers use him like the Saints have done with Hill. New Orleans’ third-string quarterback lined up as a running back Los Angeles Chargers Jerseys 2019 , tight end, wide receiver and was used on special teams last season. At 6-foot-1, 224-pounds, Stick has the bulk and has shown the durability to take hard hits.Whisenhunt said Hill’s first task though is learning how to play quarterback in their system.“It’s hard to think that you’re just going to plug somebody into that role and think he can do it without really learning the basics of having to play quarterback,” Whisenhunt said. “He’s an athlete. He does a lot of good things athletically on the field Youth Nasir Adderley Jersey , which you can see him do, but we are excited to see him play the quarterback position and see how he can develop at that.”While Stick was taking snaps on the practice field, first-round pick Jerry Tillery continues to rehab from surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder. The defensive tackle remains on track to be cleared for contact by the start of training camp in late July. The Los Angeles Chargers had one of the National Football League’s best defenses during the 2018-19 season and much of that was due to the strength of their defensive backs group. One of the..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections San Diego Chargers Daily LinksSan Diego Chargers NewsSan Diego Chargers OffseasonSan Diego Chargers HistorySan Diego Chargers HumorLos Angeles Chargers NewsChargers Roster MovesREPORT: Chargers will release Jahleel AddaeNew,35commentsPSTShareTweetShareShareREPORT: Chargers will release Jahleel AddaeDavid Butler II-USA TODAY SportsThe Los Angeles Chargers had one of the National Football League’s best defenses during the 2018-19 season and much of that was due to the strength of their defensive backs group. One of the longest tenured members of that group is reportedly now on his way out according to ESPN’s Eric D. Williams via Twitter:Jahleel Addae will no longer be a Charger. On the whole, this is a net positive for the team. Addae was a constant liability in coverage throughout his time with the team Cheap Nasir Adderley Jersey , and despite being known for delivering bit hits, he was also an incredibly inconsistent tackler. It is incredibly unlikely that Tom Telesco and the front office won’t be able to find a substantial improvement however they go about replacing him.This is a move that was a long time coming, and it is a great sign for Chargers fans that the franchise is actually committed to winning and not just running back the same players every year in pursuit of the magic of continuity.On the cap side of things there will be $1 million in dead money, but that is compared to the $6 million cap hit they would have experienced by keeping him on the roster. This not only frees up a spot on the defense to add talent, it also gives them more room to maneuver financially.
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on the eve of the (meaningless) Super Bowl: if the Eagles could steal ONE player from the New England Patriots OR the Los Angeles Rams Black Jason Kelce Jerseys , who would you most like to see on Philadelphia’s roster?Tom Brady and Aaron Donald are the names that immediately jump to mind considering they’re the best players on their respective teams. So, which one of those two are you taking?If we’re taking a long-term view, it’s difficult to take Brady because how do we know for sure he might not retire after this year’s Super Bowl? I think he plans to come back, sure Jason Kelce Jerseys 2019 , but he also turns 42 in August so you just never know. Also, he can’t catch, so that’s a problem.Donald, meanwhile Black Darren Sproles Jerseys , is only 27 and is incredibly dominant. Pro Football Focus charted him with 21 sacks, 23 quarterback hits, and 67 quarterback hurries in 2018. Crazy. The thought of Donald lining up next to Fletcher Cox just feels unfair ... to other teams. Being able to generate that much interior pressure should probably be illegal. It’s the bye week so not only do the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles’ get a much needed break, but we here at BGN get to take a breather. That means we can take stock of the current landscape and also peek ahead. This includes looking forward to the 2019 NFL Draft.To do that Darren Sproles Jerseys 2019 , The Kist & Solak Show brought on Jon Ledyard of The Draft Network and Locked On NFL Draft to discuss a range of topics. First, we talked about the TDN Midseason All-Rookie Team. Eagles’ tight end Dallas Goedert was voted First Team by the TDN staff, which should show you that they’re pretty smart dudes. You might even say.. that they’re Draft Dudes.We also got into the QB1 discussion and assess where Justin Herbert of Oregon is as a player and what his ideal positioning is for his future success. Does that include bypassing some money to refine his game? Looking at this current class, it’s probably wise for him to “secure the bag” Black Malcolm Jenkins Jerseys , but he also has some relationships with the coaching staff that may influence his decision.There’s a good chance that the Eagles will enter the draft with a need at running back and if they’re looking for answers early, it might be tough to find a solid fit. Does it matter for a team that utilizes a committee approach? We discuss that and the top prospects at that position, including the injury-prone Rodney Anderson of Oklahoma, the polarizing David Montgomery from Iowa State Malcolm Jenkins Jerseys 2019 , and the solid but unspectacular Damien Harris of Alabama.Last, we delve into the many intriguing match-ups contained within the upcoming LSU vs Alabama game. It’s must-see TV for any draftnik and both teams boast a bevy of prospects. Each year Alabama has at least one defensive player that came from a rotational role and explodes when he gets full-time reps, and that’s the case with interior defensive lineman Quinnen Williams. Check out Ledyard’s report on him from late September and keep an eye on him on Saturday.All that and more on The Kist & Solak Show #37 with Jon Ledyard; stream it on the media player below or click here if the player doesn’t load. We’ll be back Monday to discuss all the Sunday action and take a look ahead to the Eagles Week 10 tilt with the Dallas Cowboys. FLY EAGLES FLY!
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NASHVILLE DJ Chark Jerseys Stitched , Tenn. (AP) —  As in potential backup quarterbacks in the NFL, and maybe starters down the road.Eleven quarterbacks were chosen in the three rounds of the draft. The trio that went in the opening round — No. 1 overall Kyler Murray to Arizona, No. 6 Daniel Jones to the Giants, and No. 15 Dwayne Haskins to Washington — figure to be starters someday, perhaps soon.Murray goes to a team that traded away its first-round QB from last year, Josh Rosen, to clear the path for the Heisman Trophy winner. New coach Kliff Kingsbury was an offensive mastermind at Texas Tech with an offense that fits Murray’s dynamic skills.Jones will sit, though no one knows for how long, behind Eli Manning in New York. He was chosen to succeed the two-time Super Bowl winner, of course.Haskins could grab the job in D.C. because incumbent Alex Smith is not expected to recover sufficiently from major leg injuries to be available in 2019. Last season’s backup, Colt McCoy, also broke his leg. So the Redskins traded for Denver’s Case Keenum, but that looks like a stopgap.As for the rest of those 11 passers, they all went to clubs with established veteran starters except for Trace McSorley. The resourceful Penn State QB landed Saturday in Baltimore, which moved from Joe Flacco to 2018 first-rounder Lamar Jackson in the middle of last season.McSorley is a similar player in style to Jackson, so the marriage there could result in a second-string job for him.“I’ve seen him play against Michigan a few times and looked pretty good,” said Ravens coach John Harbaugh, whose brother, Jim, coaches the Wolverines. “I hated him then, now I love him. He’s our kind of guy. … He’s gritty and tough and that’s what we look for.”Playing time for the others is, well, a long shot.Missouri’s Drew Lock went to Denver, which recently acquired Flacco. West Virginia’s Will Grier was taken by Carolina, where Cam Newton reigns. North Carolina State’s Ryan Finley will be behind Andy Dalton in Cincinnati. Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham is with New England, where he might have to wait a decade for Tom Brady to retire. North Dakota State’s Easton Stick, the successor to Carson Wentz at that school, wound up with the Chargers. Northwestern’s Clayton Thorson went to Philadelphia, where Wentz is ensconced.Jacksonville selected Washington State’s Gardner Minshew, and the Jags now have the guy who so memorably replaced an injured Wentz in Philadelphia and won a Super Bowl Gardner Minshew Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys , Nick Foles. The Jaguars actually have five QBs now: Foles, Cody Kessler, Tanner Lee, Alex McGough and Minshew.The Jags noted how smart Minshew is. He certainly can count.“Yes, you will sit down with him and (realize) this guy could be a coach. It is impressive,” Jaguars director of college scouting Mark Ellenz said. “We interviewed him at the combine, a formal interview, and he was at the Senior Bowl also, but he is a sharp dude.”Stidham goes where the league’s oldest quarterback resides, of course.“I don’t think I feel any pressure,” he said. “It’s an awesome opportunity to learn from a guy like Tom. He’s played so much, he’s seen everything, he’s won a lot, there’s just so many intangibles that I want to soak up from him. I’m sure everybody wants to be as good as Tom Brady someday …”Thorson compares his situation to previous experiences.“It’s kind of just like high school,” he said. “Going to college, you come in as the guy and obviously there are other guys there. I learned from Trevor Siemian my freshman year of college. I’m really looking forward to getting in there and learning from Nate (Sudfeld, the current backup) and Carson. … Just keeping myself ready to go at any moment.”His peers would do well to have the same approach wherever they wound up.The third and final day of this NFL draft as memorable for the scene, the music and the passion of the folks in Nashville began Saturday with Arizona selecting Iowa State wide receiver Hakeem Butler. The last four rounds rarely have much intrigue, but still drew thousands of folks to downtown Nashville.Approximately 500,000 people attended the three days of the draft, packing Broadway to hear the picks, listen to the tunes in the honky tonks — and by Tim McGraw in a rousing concert Friday night — and make this “selection meeting” unlike anything the NFL has seen. Later Saturday, following the final pick, Dierks Bentley took the stage.Nashville’s performance likely puts it firmly in the NFL’s mind for a repeat; Las Vegas is on tap next year for the draft.“Far outkicked our coverage, our dreams, our thoughts,” said Butch Spyridon, president and CEO of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. “Way bigger than anything we could’ve imagined.”The first special teamer went to San Francisco, which drafted Utah punter Mitch Wishnowsky at No. 110. Oddly, the next such player taken was his teammate Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys 2019 , placekicker Matt Gay by Tampa Bay 35 spots later.Wishnowsky actually can punt with both legs.“I mean, I can kick with my left foot decent,” he said. “It’s nothing pretty. I definitely prefer to put it on the right, but if necessary, I can throw it on the left and maybe get something out of it.”Tight end Caleb Wilson got something out of the very end of the draft. He was Mr. Irrelevant, the 254th and final selection. The pick was announced by Titans kicker Ryan Succop, who was the last pick in 2009 and, with a decade in the pros, has been the most successful Mr. Irrelevant. In September, we ran a series on Big Cat Country comparing the Jacksonville Jaguars “Sacksonville” defense to some of the all-time greats. This month, I wanted to conduct a case study on how the offenses of those respective teams statistically compare to the Jaguars unit and ascertain just how much the defense had to carry those units on their back to a championship.Rather than doing a career snapshot like the last series, I extrapolated the numbers from the first four weeks of the Jaguars 2018 season and matched those figures up with the final regular season statistics for respective players positions on each team’s offense.Here goes nothing:QB | Blake Bortles vs. Trent DilferREGULAR SEASON COMPARISON:Bortles: 388/600, 64.7% completion, 4,380 yards, 28 TDs, 12 INTs, 2.0 INT %Dilfer: 268/452, 59.3% completion, 3,004 yards, 24 TDs, 22 INTs, 4.9 INT %People forget that Duval’s favorite media personality (sarcasm font) actually didn’t begin the season as the Ravens starter (Tony Banks) and only started eight regular season games. Because of this, I extrapolated Dilfer’s numbers over an additional eight games, and boy is it ugly. So ugly, as a matter of fact, that any public criticism of Bortles from Dilfer is a textbook example of the pot calling the kettle black, as Blake is on pace for 10 less interceptions than Dilfer. It might not always be aesthetically pleasing, but 2018 Bortles has been an incredibly efficient Bortles Youth Gardner Minshew Jersey , especially when comparing his numbers to the first quarter of the 2017 season.Advantage: Blake BortlesRB | Leonard Fournette vs. Jamal LewisREGULAR SEASON COMPARISON:Fournette: 320 carries, 1,136 yards, 3.6 YPC, 64 catches, 304 yardsLewis: 309 carries, 1,364 yards, 4.4 YPC, 27 catches, 296 yardsThanks to an incredibly frustrating hamstring injury that has limited Fournette to a total of four quarters in the first four games, I extrapolated his 2018 production over 16 games to see what he would have been on pace for had he been healthy. Lewis was a rookie during the 2000 Ravens season and similar to Fournette, was a top five draft pick. Lewis wasn’t used much a as a receiver out of the backfield (the Ravens left that to Priest Holmes), but his numbers would pass even an extrapolated Fournette stat line.Advantage: Jamal LewisRB| T.J. Yeldon vs. Priest HolmesREGULAR SEASON COMPARISON:Yeldon: 196 carries, 820 yards, 4.2 YPC, 4 TDs, 56 catches, 500 yards, 8 Rec TDsHolmes: 137 carries, 588 yards, 4.3 YPC, 2 TDs, 32 catches, 221 yards, 0 Rec TDsThis isn’t really fair since Yeldon has had to step in as the leading rusher in the wake of Fournette’s injury, but it also wasn’t fair to compare Jamal Lewis to a hurt Leonard. Holmes was an NFL AP Offensive Player of the Year and three-time All Pro with the Chiefs, and while he may have a much more impressive overall resume than Yeldon, the fourth-year back out of Alabama has the edge in single-season production for the purposes of this exercise.Advantage: T.J. YeldonWR | Keelan Cole vs. Qadry IsmailREGULAR SEASON COMPARISON:Cole: 68 catches, 900 yards Gardner Minshew Jersey Color Rush , 13.2 yards per catch, 4 TDsIsmail: 49 catches, 655 yards, 13.4 yards per catch, 5 TDsBefore starting on the receivers, the 2000 Ravens offense hinged on running the football and feeding tight end Shannon Sharpe, hence the paltry production of the pass catchers. Qadry Ismail was a journeyman player in the league and while his yards per catch and touchdowns are pretty even with Cole as of now, Cole has a sizeable lead in volume with the Jaguars attempting six more passes per game on average.Advantage: Keelan ColeWR | Donte Moncrief vs. Travis TaylorREGULAR SEASON COMPARISON: Moncrief: 48 catches, 692 yards, 14.4 yards per catch, 8 TDsTaylor: 28 catches, 276 yards, 9.9 yards per catch, 3 TDsWhile Jamal Lewis was the number five overall pick in 2000, Travis Taylor was the number ten pick in the same draft. Taylor wasn’t incredibly productive as a rookie, but his 276 yards was the second most on the team. Moncrief has had some frustrating moments so far across four games and isn’t yet living up to the one-year contract he signed, but he is on pace for eight touchdown passes and considerably more production than Taylor.Advantage: Donte MoncriefWR | Dede Westbrook vs. Brandon StokleyREGULAR SEASON COMPARISON: Westbrook: 84 catches, 1,176 yards, 14.0 yards per catch, 4 TDsStokley: 11 catches, 184 yards, 16.7 yards per catch, 8 TDsThe biggest disparity amongst all the match up so far, the Ravens almost never used slot receivers Brandon Stokley or Jermaine Lewis (who was primarily a return specialist) and ran predominantly out of heavier personnel groups. That’s certainly not the case in Jacksonville, as starting slot receiver Dede Westbrook actually leads the team in catches and yards through the first four weeks. Westbrook is quickly becoming a favorite of Blake Bortles and has lifted the crossing route mantle that was supposed to be Marqise Lee’s before his injury.Advantage: Dede WestbrookTE | Austin Seferian-Jenkins vs. Shannon SharpeREGULAR SEASON COMPARISON: Seferian-Jenkins: 44 catches, 360 yards, 8.2 yards per catch, 4 TDsSharpe: 67 catches, 810 yards Womens Gardner Minshew Jersey , 12.1 yards per catch, 5 TDsSeferian-Jenkins may not have incredible production so far, but his mismatch ability in the red zone and run blocking have been incredibly impressive. In fact, ASJ has done so well as a blocker that many haven’t even noticed Marcedes Lewis’ absence in the lineup. All that being said, Shannon Sharpe was really the heartbeat and primary read in the Ravens passing game, comfortably finishing the regular season with the most catches and yards of all the receivers.Advantage: Shannon SharpeOL | Jaguars vs. RavensREGULAR SEASON COMPARISON: Jaguars: 24 sacks allowed; 4.2 yards per carryRavens: 43 sacks allowed; 4.3 yards per carrySo, um, I didn’t think that a Jaguars offensive line that has literally every single starter on the injury report would edge out a Ravens unit headlined by Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden, but the Jaguars are on place to allow almost 20 less sacks on the season at the current pace. Four of the starting five lineman from left-to-right were 26 years old (Ogden, Edwin Mulitalo, Jeff Mitchell, Mike Flynn) and right tackle Harry Swayne was the old man in the group at 35, which is fairly similar to the Jaguars’ situation. Josh Wells will have to continue to play well the rest of the way to hold up, but you really can’t argue with math. Considering that the Ravens threw the football six times less per game on average, this becomes even more impressive for Pat Flaherty and the Jaguars..Advantage: Jaguars OLWinner: Jaguars Aside from Jamal Lewis, Shannon Sharpe, and Jonathan Ogden, the Jaguars are comfortably better at every offensive position than the 2000 Ravens unit that had to be carried by Ray Lewis and the defense. The team statistics validate that notion. The Jaguars are on pace to finish with 28 more first downs and are converting five percent more of their third downs than the Ravens. More specifically, the Jaguars will finish with an extrapolated 228 passing first downs, which is 72 more than what the Ravens were able to produce. Additionally, the Jaguars are averaging 5.8 yards per play to the Ravens’ 4.7 and are tracking to finish with four more touchdowns. There are two categories, however, that interestingly favor the Ravens – turnover differential and time of possession. Of course, turnover differential is largely dictated by the takeaways that a defense can produce, but the Ravens +23 number despite Trent Dilfer and Tony Banks combining to throw 19 interceptions is staggering, especially in comparison to the Jaguars current -4 number. The Ravens also have more than two minutes time of possession per game than the Jaguars currently have. Both of these things need to change over the rest of the way. The Jaguars offense may not be a top ten unit in the NFL, but they are certainly good enough to compliment the defense and win a potential championship. The precedent is there.
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Broncos' Von cooper is one kind of extremely skills in american footbal as a result of Lawrence Taylorcallier has been 6 3, 250. LT is without a doubt 6 3 but also set up towards 237. Taylor considered much larger and deeper, yet,yet somehow miller is equally as fast and it has the best twist run. LT competed for poorly facet plus mauled QBs coming from oblivious. cooper performs the actual internet robust border while QBs will definitely be focusing, they can set eyes on tiger arising best around kids.similar Taylor, cooper 's overmatched sizes started to fight extremely popular a particular problem tackles, but then reasons his or tempo to get around the corner. LT is the greatest defending player in nfl a story. burns has enable you to be an all time top notch five linebacker. LT was per game changer and thus was dicated to the entirely top Bowl football team a so often throughout the and never was didn't Bowl MVP enjoy a sack throughout the plates two. callier focused for grand thusest issue came to be ultra jar a week ago MVP.burns finalized a five year $21 million fully sure contract at what time he been recently the second opt for in a 2011 pen. their trust earning last year was likely $9.754 million. LT was most the second buy during 1981 draft. the individual finalized a good solid five yer $1.3 million subject then veterans the actual market leaders gotten insecure regarding juncture walkout after found out what level of the rookie was in fact attaining. the particular most LT ever made in a season was most $2.8 million in the remaining season in 1993. He had to wait finally five days leading to a season garage door opener hardware near 1990 to have a three year, $4.5 million offer. normally, then he broke down and sacked Randall Cunningham three amount of times.The Bron the subject ofcos will truly makes use of the franchise label miller inside the final target time March 1 will prevent that tiger woods coming from setting up as unrestricted an dealer free March 9.usually the label as linebackers this unique season is likely to be about $14 million. many people then have right July 15 to exercise a long term nfl jersey from china wholesale agreement or callier will then one only have to play in order to franchise previous number or seat out. should there be no package deal as a result of July 15, negotiate on prices cannot cv except after the summer season. denver colorado specified Demaryius thomas along with your franchsise licence plate yr cheap jerseys online after and next agreed upon the pup pointing towards a five year, $70 millialong with ctract July 15.What's a good deal available for callier? basically, his / her clocking is impeccable.Justin tuck can sign your name to a eventually contract and as well,as well as the relocate as a giant. He got to be inducted on the the big players jewelry of recognition a season together with Osi Umenyiora proper after both are actually point associated with two extremely serving shining leagues.. one Jerry Reese's a wide selection of slips: your ex chose to purchase Jon Beason (three years, $17 million), associated with tuck (whom recommended half of the two year, $11 million promotion the man picked up ranging from san mateo). tuck was seen as the heart cry of leaders locker enough space and hubby late latter the decades.. matt forte makes some sense for that Patriots, Who want to be he Brady the best gliding back.. The Broncos became the cage workforce along at the smart jar so decided to wear light. we were holding superstitious this is because were blown inside 43 8 according to the Seahawks in Super bowl XLVIII two a long time ago tiring orange to were 0 4 the large orange in game title.follow the each information sports activities found on facebook itself. love all of us right.Peyton Manning will obviously say your possible future choices the great belief is he may leave the workplace prior to category year clears March 9. He is a result of make $19 million, but it is not certain to get. not a chance my Broncos gives your boyfriend which in turn. They have no idea wish to have her to return. any time he that doesn't go to bed, He will definitely consider deleted. yr after, Elway wanted to get relief from Manning's wages through $19 million to go and $9 million. Manning opposed in addition to quite had taken a slice to $15 million. determination way back that $4 million of punching two most important credits: $2 million when getting to the ultra pan as well $2 million for earning everything.. Manning effortlessly was not heading mention your partner's retirement during tremendous bowl week and be a diversion in which he was not still do it a while back after the game or surpass and success the Broncos. But there isn't any answer why he has to continue to play. the key reason: your dog can't do more. his body competence carry evaporated. if perhaps Peyton bought Eli's arm and shoulder, those Broncos could possibly have received seriously serving times three touchdowns.. Denver's Aqib Talib was penalized $26,044 throughout the national football league to achieve two your own fouls inside your top jar: Facemask fee and as well,as well as the taunting. The winner's share with the terrific can experienced been $102,000.
The tyranny of the larger excellent
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boasts pill misconduct near Yale
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on just how heavy the Raiders wanted Arden Key to be when they hit OTA’s. Head coach Jon Gruden said he wanted Key at 260 and perhaps ultimately at 270...." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesSilver And Black Pride homepageHorizontal - WhiteSilver And Black Pridean Oakland Raiders communityFollow Silver And Black Pride online:Follow Silver And Black Pride on TwitterFollow Silver And Black Pride on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchSilver And Black Pride main menuFanpostsFanshotsRaidersOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Shoulder injury contributed to Arden Key ‘nerve wracking’ rookie season Leon Hall Jersey , says he has hit Raiders weight gain goalNew,41commentsPDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:Shoulder injury contributed to Arden Key ‘nerve wracking’ rookie season, says he has hit Raiders weight gain goalTwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailOakland RaidersThere has been some contrasting views on just how heavy the Raiders wanted Arden Key to be when they hit OTA’s. Head coach Jon Gruden said he wanted Key at 260 and perhaps ultimately at 270. Defensive Coordinator Paul Guenther said he didn’t want Key a “slug” at 260, saying Key was right on track to where he wanted him.Regardless of the slight differences in where his coaches wanted him, Key was nowhere near it when he arrived at OTA’s last month, but says over the past few weeks he’s gotten where he needs to be.“I got bigger,” Key said at Wednesday’s minicamp practice. “When I reported for OTA’s I was 245. Coaches expected me to be a little heavier and now I’m at 260.”Coaches wanted him to come in about ten pounds heavier than he did. Guenther in particular had harped on Key getting stronger. He said several times that Key should have had 8-9 sacks last season, but couldn’t finish the deal. Key finished with just one sack which he got in week 6 against the Seahawks.The second year edge rusher sees a lot more than 8 or 9 missed opportunities and those moments have stuck with him as well as his new defensive line coach, Brentson Buckner.“It still means a lot,” said Key of those missed sacks. “And then Buck came and watched film and he had a whole clip of my almost 13 sacks (laughs). Whether I fell, slipped Doug Martin Jersey , the quarterback got away... So, it was very nerve wracking because I could have had a better first year, but hey we all learn from those mistakes.”Key’s rookie performance was especially disappointing because in training camp he looked utterly dominant. He routinely beat his man with outstanding technique and bend.One area Buckner noted was a major problem for Key had nothing to do with his actual rush at all.“That’s how Buck’s been teaching me. As far as my angles,” said Key. “He started off with I missed the sack by just my alignment. The ball isn’t even snapped yet, and I just missed the sack already by my alignment. Whether I was too wide, too tight, or I didn’t turn my hips enough. . . I was already done before the ball was even snapped.”Contributing to his disappointing rookie campaign was a nagging shoulder injury which occurred in training camp. Key would have surgery on the shoulder in January which he described as a “cleanout. Nothing serious.” The rehab from that may have been part of the reason he was unable to get as strong as the Raiders coaches wanted him to be come OTA’s.Since he arrived at OTA’s, his regimen has been strict combining working out and eating a pretty steady diet of salmon, chicken, steak, broccoli Rashaan Melvin Jersey , asparagus, and “a lot of rice.” He eats a regular breakfast and about 2500 calories over lunch and dinner combined.That seems to have done the trick to pack on 15 pounds in a month to get him up to 260. Now he needs to make sure he isn’t that “260-pound slug” Paul Guenther wants to avoid. From there he just needs to stay healthy and clean up his alignment issues and the Raiders may have the third down pass rusher they drafted him to be.Follow @LeviDamien There was a moment when Jared Cook might have still been available to the Patriots. That moment seems to have passed.According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Saints’ contract with the free agent tight end will be signed today.Via Jeff Duncan of the , Saints coach Sean Payton said during this morning’s coaches breakfast: 鈥淢y understanding is he鈥檚 signed (with the Saints). We鈥檙e excited to have him.”It’s a two-year deal worth $15.5 million, with $8 million of it guaranteed this year.That’s a solid payday for the nearly-32-year-old Cook, and a big get for the Saints offense.The Patriots were interested in him previously, and after the somewhat surprising retirement of Rob Gronkowski, the door was open for them to make another run. They made similar overtures to wide receiver Adam Humphries after it was reported he had agreed to a deal with the Titans.But Cook will be a Saint, and he can continue to gush about the idea of catching passes from Drew Brees, after his career season with the Raiders.
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