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<p>Mohammad Ajmal<br />   I don't know if I can put it into words!  First, I love the music.  Its the music that I grew up on and I was always a huge Frankie Valli fan.  Absolutely love his voice!  Second, the guys in the movie are excellent choices to play their characters.  John Lloyd Young is wonderful in the role of Frankie.  I loved the fact that Clint Eastwood had all the music done live for the film and not "canned" stuff that takes away from the magic.  I love the way that the movie told the story with insights from each of the characters.  I loved Christopher Walken's portrayal of Gyp.  I learned quite a few things about my favorite group that I never knew and it just endeared them to me that much more.  I understand (from an interview with Frankie Valli) that the group kept much of the "seedier" aspects of their lives private because they were afraid that they would not get recording contracts or get their music heard.  And I can see that happening from that period of time.  I've seen the movie twice and plan to go again.  I have already ordered the DVD to be shipped to me when it is available.  I have also downloaded music by John Lloyd Young and I can't stop listening to it.  It brings back many memories....</p>
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